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Education stands as the torchbearer of transformation

Supriya, a seasoned entrepreneur, has successfully founded multiple startup companies, all driven by a deep commitment to societal betterment. Over the past 18 years, she has established herself in The Netherlands. Her latest venture, V-Teach, exemplifies her dedication to revolutionizing the education sector. Supriya’s engagement extends beyond business, as evidenced by her hosting of the Radio4Brainport talk show, where she engages with the international community. Furthermore, she actively supports causes close to her heart, including women’s empowerment in the Eindhoven region. Supriya’s innate passion for connecting with people is also reflected in her involvement with HOWDO magazine, showcasing her multifaceted contributions to various communities.

Building Tomorrow: Education, Culture, and the Young Minds

In a world of rapid innovation and the everincreasing proliferation of technology, the dynamic interplay of education and culture is shaping a profound transformation that deeply resonates with today’s youth. At V-Teach, we have embraced the ethos that education is not confi ned to the pages of textbooks, nor is it limited by the physical boundaries of a classroom. Our journey, while modest, mirrors the greater shift in education towards a digitally-infused paradigm. Our commitment to STEM and coding education is a testament to our dedication to nurturing wellrounded individuals primed for a dynamic, thrilling, and digital future.

Evolving Modes of Education: Embracing Change

In a landscape marked by the new normal of constant change, education stands as the torchbearer of transformation. Evolving modes of learning are redefi ning the classroom experience, tailoring it to match the cognitive rhythms of today’s young learners. Change is inevitable in an education shift from Traditional Learning towards Flip, Blended, and Online Learning. Traditional Learning, while an irreplaceable cornerstone, remains an arena where friendships are forged, social skills are nurtured, and in-person connections hold unparalleled value. Flip Learning turns the tables on traditional teaching, wherein students prepare for the curriculum before it begins. Blended Learning beautifully marries the virtual and physical realms, creating a symphony of interaction that caters to diverse learning preferences. Online Learning transcends geographical constraints, offering a passport to knowledge accessible anytime and anywhere. Digitally attuned learners today can choose their personalized mode of learning, giving them the much-yearned fl exibility and access to learning at their own pace. This shift calls upon the change to be brought into the mindset of learners and teachers, to the access of resources and, above all, the traditional measure of the effi cacy of the learning process. It won’t be far in the future where the metaverse of education will unfold into numerous skills and learning opportunities for future generations.

Imprint on Education: A New Language of Learning

Culture’s vibrant hues (diversity, inclusion, and experiences) weave a narrative that resonates with young minds. The generation fi nds its voice in images and avatars, a universal language of expression that bridges communication gaps, enhances comprehension, and fosters greater collaboration and acceptance. The appetite for creation and collaboration is insatiable, transforming classrooms into collaborative playgrounds where learning becomes a collective journey. The era of encyclopedic textbooks is yielding to bite-sized, ninja content that aligns with shorter attention spans yet delivers impactful learning and instant gratifi cation. The focus isn’t just on learning; it’s on outcomes. Education, once an ocean confi ned to textbooks, has become a multifaceted landscape where discussions, simulations, and game-based learning unleash creativity and curiosity.

Technology and the Future: Pioneering Education with Tomorrow’s Innovators

The heartbeat of change resonates at the intersection of technology and education. V-Teach’s vision is to seamlessly integrate technological advancements into the education sector and leverage the tech trends of AI, Metaverse, and Robotics to create a holistic and constructive learning experience. Through collaborations with international education partners, V-Teach aims to offer a curriculum that resonates with tomorrow’s workforce. Infusing these innovations into traditional academic subjects promises a transformative experience, enriching learning and preparing students for a tech-integrated future

The Journey Ahead: Fusing the Best of Both Worlds

classrooms, the warmth of human connection remains irreplaceable. The dynamic interplay of online learning, classroom interactions, and innovative methods is the canvas upon which we’re painting the education of tomorrow. In this symphony of change, the impact of education magnifi es when tailored to cultural nuances, learning tendencies, and techniques resonating with young minds. Images, collaboration, bite-sized content, practical outcomes—these are essential elements on which education’s paradigm shift has to stand the test of time. Stepping forward, let’s remember that education is not just about textbooks; it’s about nurturing a generation ready to tackle challenges, and embrace a lifelong learning journey.

At V-Teach, we aspire to be the fl ag bearers of change when it comes to embracing technological advancements to make education more holistic and constructive. By forging partnerships with esteemed educational institutions in Singapore and India, we are poised to introduce cutting-edge programs in AI, ML, AR, VR, and Mixed Reality for the eager minds of Europe’s future. Together, we shape a brighter tomorrow through education. If you want to fi nd out how V-Teach can be of assistance, please reach out at or by calling us at +31657185949. You can book a no-obligatory free trial class via the website,


Education needs a relook

It is no exaggeration to say that young children today need to be equipped with an entirely different set of skills than they did a generation ago. The education model is still primarily teacher and education-boardcentric; this model needs an overhaul right from the fundamentals to cater to imparting practical and future skills, thus knowledgecentric. Democratization is essential to how knowledge is acquired and put to use and calls for a paradigm shift in the education system. The future educational institutions and traditional universities need to become PHYGITAL Partly physical, partly digital. The sector needs to move along with the times of digitization; for instance, today's generation can consume information and knowledge via multiple sources and at a pace not seen before. The future of education is digitally enabled for any place, anytime, and anyone.our future generations by leveraging digital capabilities a change catalyst in the education sector.

Segment of one

The skill needs of the future will need a very diverse skilled workforce, and rapid advancement in technology will call for our future citizens to contribute in multiple facets of development with multiple capabilities. This means that education can no longer be generalized at scale and needs to be contextual to the skill needs and core interests of children, thus the Segment of One. In this digital age, where the boundaries between information and education are blurring, we need to adapt how we educate our future citizens of the world. This realization, accompanied by an entrepreneurial spirit; two years ago, Ms. Supriya Vij (CEO and Founder V-Teach) instituted V-Teach as an EdTech company based in the High Tech Brainport region. V-Teach is an online coaching and teaching platform with the single purpose of making education accessible anytime, anywhere, and to everyone in society. Our mission is to bring fundamental change in the way knowledge is provided and acquired by

It is a mission we are embarked upon

A little help can work wonders when given at the right time and in the right quantum through a suitable medium. Being avid believers in this fact, we started V-Teach as a platform to elevate students' academic performance and, in turn, their confidence and self-belief. As teachers ourselves at the very core, we understand the problems students go through in their studies and have tried (are trying continuously) to address each of them on a granular level with the help of our global, dynamic and diverse team. It is imperative at V-Teach for us to consider each child as a Segment of One and tend to their contextual need to learn. The online mode of teaching has enabled us to go truly beyond the boundaries of institutions, with expert teachers from different parts of the world becoming part of our mission. Lastly, regardless of how fast the world might be changing, we stay committed to our mission with an acute focus on the quality of education for our next generation of thinkers and problem solvers.

The Setup

V-Teach offers online tutoring with interactive classes and a well-structured STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, and English) curriculum for primary and secondary grade students. Our teaching methodology is heavily focused on application-based learning, and we follow an all-around problem-solving practice model across our classes. Quality being paramount, teachers undergo an intense vetting process, ensuring they have excellent command over their subjects. Our passionate team of tutors emphasizes curiosity, personal growth, and helping children achieve their academic goals. In addition to the regular courses, V-Teach has a sharp focus on building basic and advanced coding capabilities in the students. Coding is an essential skill today and in the future for inculcating problemsolving skills in the young generation. V-Teach offers comprehensive packages for Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Python, Java Programming, and Web Development courses (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML).

Our Passion and Future

At V-Teach, we firmly believe in the importance, and the societal impact education brings to our world. Therefore, we continue to strive hard, every day to improve the content, quality, and means by which we impart learning to our students. Our company strategy is built on these core foundational values and our unwavering desire to empower the future generation for the betterment of society at large. Starting with The Netherlands as the first border, we are excited to be expanding internationally to the UAE and India in the very near future. We are true to our passion for revolutionizing the education sector and are fortunate to be able to impact society in a positive way.